Architecture & Design

While American Restoration Systems works with many architects and designers we also have built alliances with leaders in the industry here in the Tampa Bay Area. If you have not selected an Architect or designer please contact us and we will introduce you to our team and begin making your vision a reality.

If you have a project in mind and need to work with a skilled and experienced Designer or Architect please contact us and arrange a meeting. We have the skills and experience to address your needs in the residential, commercial and marine environments.

Our team has completed remodels, historic restorations and many new residential and commercial projects. We offer creativity, experience and the latest in new building technology

We look forward to helping you explore the possibilities!

Image Projects begin with the initial requirements meeting which defines the high level project parameters, terms and conditions. We can provide Architecture/Design services or if you have your plans or an architect assigned we will coordinate accordingly. Subsequent meetings will refine and clarify the client's needs and desires, this includes site evaluation and review.

Once plans are complete and the client review is complete we pull all neccessary permits and schedule the work plan for the project. Through out this process American Restoration is your single contact point to insure project success and client satisfaction. With 25 years experience in the Tampa Bay area you and with diverse projects from residential, commercial, mobile home and marine construction there are no surprises and no problem we have not overcome.

Construction, additions, new home or restoration of existing homes are major events for the client and we never forget that. It may be our daily work but we know it is your special project and is probably a major expense and distraction from your daily life. As part of our total quality approach we strive to insure not only high quality work but timely project completions and regular communication with the client so you know what to expect and when to expect it.

Image Design is the more abstract part of the process where designers and architects associated with the project work with the client, you, to define your vision in concrete terms. Your needs, wants and desires for the project are captured, documented in the forms of contracts and plans and finally reviewed by all parties to insure you are getting what you want.

This is a critical part of the process upon which all other work phases depend. This is also a critical point where experience plays a vital role. Having built and restored such a wide range of projects in so many varied environments and conditions provides us greater ability to guide and lead you through the creative process and ultimate definition of your dream project. We know what works and we know how to make new and innovative ideas work in challenging conditions.

Meet with the team and discuss your vision and we will show you how to make it a reality!

Image The "Prep" phase really starts to get rolling as the design phase nears completion. We develop work plans, material plans and start preparing permits. This is largely a coordination phase tying design to the build process.

While it is a simple and straight forward process it is critical that attention to detail is applied and again experience provides an added measure of assurance that no element is overlooked that can derail or delay the project.

Whether the project is a small addition or new construction, on the water or off, American Restoration has the knowledge and experience to insure project success!

Image The "Build" phase is that part of the project people are most familiar with, that which is most visible and generally most invasive if this is a restoration in place. This is where we build the vision that is your project. We could not reach this point without success in the "Design" and "Prep" phases but this is where the plans, men and materials meet.

The team lead will coordinate the construction schedule with the client, the internal teams and the local inspectors and agencies accordingly. Once the build process starts all effort is made to insure timely completion. Numerous quality checks are included in the process to insure standards are met or exceeded. Every effort is made to identify and mitigate any issues immediately before they can cause impact to the schedule or cost.

You will receive regular status updates on the project every step of the way as well. We believe an informed client is a good way to provide piece of mind during the project. We do great work and we are happy to tell you about it!

Image The "Completion" phase is the final wrap up of the project. The finish work is being reviewed, any final touch ups are identified and resolved and the walk throughs are executed. This is a great time in our projects as our quality shows through. Where some others may be finding alignment problems, cosmetic issues or other problems in their walk-throughs our clients are impressed with the quality and attention to detail displayed in our work.

Each phase provides its own challenges and opportunities but we love the completion phase because it is our opportunity to shine and show-off our work.


We strive for a level of quality that lasts so that unlike many others you will love your home or addition 5 years from now as much as you do the day it is completed. We have built a reputation second to none and want you to think of us for years to come when you or your friends decide to start a new project. It is how we built our business and how we will continue to operate.

Our Skills

  • Architecture

    For complete architectural services come see American Restoration Systems. With 30 years in the Tampa Bay area building fine homes and commercil spaces we have developed alliances with some of the finest Architects. With experience in custom fine homes, commercial properties and accredited preservations, restorations and re-purposing we have the talent and skill to meet and exceed your needs.

  • Interior design

    As with architectural services we work with the finest interior designers in the area. Function is the basis of all good design, let our designers bring the art to the project. The final touch in bringing life to your project. Take the extra step to make your project exceptional, whether home or office we can make it even more enviable.


  • we were building this million dollar dream home and I wanted to get some help with the interior but was afraid to ask my husband after we increased our budget for some really great functional improvements but as we worked with Frank over the first few meetings I was very comfortable inquiring how much more it would add. We talked it over and decided that given our existing investment it made sense to take this extra step. We had budgeted for new furniture and furnishings already and the expertise was not that much more.

    When it was all done we truly had our dream home. My husband got his hi tech practical efficiency things and with their help we made it truly beatiful.

    Kathleen M


  • Frank had built our home years before but we wanted to replace our windows with newer energy efficient ones. In our discussion I realized they offered design services which I was also planning to do. I met with their designers and they even got involved in the windows selection which took us down a new path and working them together we really got a huge imrpovement

    We cut our electric bills and redesigned our living spaces beautifully and the window selection complemented the desing changes.