About: American Restoration Systems

Recognized as a leader in the bay area, with a portfolio ranging from small remodeling projects to 10,000 sq ft estates with the latest innovations in technology, American Restoration Systems is the ideal choice for any residential or commercial project. American Restoration Systems builds, restores and remodels spaces that are energy efficient, quality crafted and individually customized.

We enjoy clients who will not accept a home that is just like his neighbors’ or a commercial space that does not distinguish itself and add to the business value through image and or reduced operating cost.

American Restoration Systems is a builder who blends the tradition of fine home building with the latest in new home technology. The result is light, bright spaces that are a pleasure to live or work in, easy to maintain, and offered at a reasonable cost. These are spaces that will not go out of style and that will be appreciated more and more with each passing year. Not only will the professionals at American Restoration Systems help you locate a lot if needed, but they also offer architectural design services and interior decorating to ensure the interior of your custom home looks as beautiful as the exterior.

A quality home builder who is timely and responsive to your requests and queries will have positive reviews to share. American Restoration Systems clients describe theire building experience as an extremely favorable one.

Subcontractors are an important part of the success of a project. The professionals at American Restoration Systems only work with subcontractors accustomed to doing custom work. Many have worked with American Restoration Systems for over 15 years and all are insured, and have proven track records

We have worked hard to build a dependable quality focused organization and look forward to the next 25 years as we welcome the next generation of family participation in the business.

Meet Our Team

  • Frank A. Ball Jr. (President)

Our Skills

  • Green Technology

    Experienced with home design and construction methods and materials for maximizing efficiency and the natural environment of a site. Layout, flow and angles can take advantage of site specific conditions like wind, sun exposure and proximity to waterHeat. Materials and methods enhance efficiency and livibility, avoiding materials with high chemical residues and VOC, improving resistance to pests, improving efficiency while enjoying views.

    ARS can help you design and build your project in the most cost effective and energy efficient way possible.

  • Waterfront

    Experienced with building on waterfront lots it is important to have a builder knowledgable of the unique challenges and codes for waterfront building.


  • with over 6,000 sqr feet of home on waterfront lot and pool I consistently sell energy to Progress Energy. It does require a larger investment up front but as a percentage of the overall cost it is small and I love getting paid every month instead of paying $400 to $600 a month a typically constructed home might cost for electricity.

    Dr. W
  • I just wanted a room addition, a second floor owners suite. After discussing the project Frank showed how a little more invested in the insulation and a few other home enhancements I could save a lot on my electric and get more value for my project investment.

    John B

How We Work

  • Call us to schedule a project assessment. We review what you want, your timeframes and budget. We ask a lot of questions to get to know you and your desires well. This is important because we can't provide good advice if we don't know and understand you, the customer.

  • We take the assessment information and develop a response. This response may be in the form of one or more project proposals for larger or less well defined projects. If we are in the Architect and design phase, early in the project, this will likely be several meetings as we explore options and refine the final project plan. For well defined and or smaller projects this may simply be a contract proposal.

How We Work

  • The planning and build phase is based on a well defined project plan with checkpoints and reviews along the way. The customer is kept informed regularly of progress.

  • Completion phase is when finsihing touches are done, final inspections completed and occupancy certificate acquired. If our Interior design team is involved then those final aesthetic elements are completed as well.

Our History

We are a family owned and operated company started in March 1986 in sunny St. Petersburg Florida. We started as a small contracting firm specializing in remodeling and restorations. As we grew we expanded our size and services offered. Eventually growth led us to move to our current location in Pinellas Park in 1999. Over the course of 25 years we have built a reputation for quality and dependability that is key to delivering customer satisfaction and building our business with referrals.

Recognized as a leader in the bay area, with a portfolio ranging from small remodeling projects to 10,000 sq ft estates with the latestest innovations in technology, American Restoration Systems is the ideal choice for any residential or commercial project. With our own design team we can provide complete end-to-end service from concept to completion.

We hold a general contractors license as well as other specific certifications. Our satisfied customers have given us growth and stability making us the one to trust to be there long after you move in.