Advanced Tech

Technology today offers a number of very real and practical solutions for construction. Insulations, alternative power, heating and cooling, etc.

Wether retrofit or new build these solutions offer satisfaction and long term savings making them worthy of your consideration. Below are a number links to articles and brochures on some of the new tech available.

We look forward to helping you explore the possibilities!

Our Skills

  • Green Technology

    Experienced with home design and construction methods and materials for maximizing efficiency and the natural environment of a site. Layout, flow and angles can take advantage of site specific conditions like wind, sun exposure and proximity to waterHeat. Materials and methods enhance efficiency and livibility, avoiding materials with high chemical residues and VOC, improving resistance to pests, improving efficiency while enjoying views. ARS can help you design and build your project in the most cost effective and energy efficient way possible.

  • Waterfront

    Having built and remodeled many waterfront properties we are familiar with the rules and regulations that must be balanced at times with client wants and needs. Adept at maximizing waterfront footage with minimal envirnmental impact American Restoration Systems is the right choice.


  • When building our last home I wanted to get as close to off-the-grid as possible. I had set aside a budget for my tech desires and my wife had her budget for decorating and refurnishing. We are so pleased that we found American Restoration Systems. A friend recommended Frank and he took care of my desires to be hi-tech and efficient and his Design team took care of Kim's interior design needs

    We have virtually no electric bill and often sell excess electricity back to the power company. In a our old home which was built in 2002 we had 2,600 sqr ft and a 14k gallon pool and spent between $275 and $400 a month depending on the season, avg maybe $340 a mth. I figured in a home almost twice the size the bill would be a lot bigger, I calculate I break even in 7 or 8 years which is outstanding!

    Tim W


  • When we decided to build our next home we were recommended to Frank. We met and started to discuss our ideas and realized we needed an original design. He described their architecture and design team and we met. We actually had a great time talking over our wants versus constraints, well ok the constraint side wasn't fun.

    We wanted a modern home with respect to efficiency, maintenance and features but we liked old florida cracker style homes and sitting out to feel the fresh breezes. They designed a great home of the old style with large porches front and back and a second floor that can be opened up when weather allows to enjoy the fresh air without compromising the a/c on the first floor.

    New foam insulation keeps the place soo comfortable we hardly run the A/C compared to our old house. Tankless water heaters gave our large family endless hot water with very little cost. Special windows completed the package and we are very happy.

    Andrew F


  • I was fed up with the electric bill and wanted to explore home solutions. Frank shared a lot of great ideas but with my budget I only had enough to pursue one main idea and I settled on wind. We installed a new design wind turbine that doesn't look like a propeller and is low maintenance and handles the occasional high winds, apparently most turbines need to be disengaged above 40 miles an hour.

    It works great in the usual mild winds of summer and doesn't miss a beat in winter with cold fronts and such. No hurricane yet! It was worth the investment cost vs savings, just doubt it would be ok in most developments due to HOA rules.

    Bill W